Naples Florida Short Term Rentals Guide: What You Need To Know

Naples Florida is a popular destination location, and anyone who has visited this little slice of Florida paradise isn’t going to be surprised by this fact. Beautiful beaches, a thriving oceanfront, great golf courses, and top notch restaurants & stores are just some of the many boons that Naples has to offer both residents and tourists alike. However, when it comes to short-term housing, whether for someone moving into the area or on vacation, finding the perfect affordable option is important. Read on to look at all your options for Naples Florida short term rentals.


If you’re looking for a cheap option that still offers some of the amenities of home, then staying in a hostel may be the way to go. Naples has a few different hostel options available, such as the locally famous Beach House Hostel and the Blue Wave Inn.

Both of these locations offer dorm-style rooms that come with a bed and shared bathrooms, as well as common areas where you can socialize with other guests. Additionally, most hostels offer a continental breakfast each morning, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities.

Keep in mind that hostels offer relatively little privacy and are aimed at more of a backpacking or youth demographic so it won’t be the best fit for everyone.

Prices for hostels in Naples Florida range from $25-$45 per night.


If you’re looking for a more private housing option, then renting an AirBnb may be the way to go. AirBnBs are available all over Naples and can range from single rooms in someone’s home to entire apartments or houses. This is a great option for families or larger groups, as you’ll have more space and privacy than you would in a hotel or hostel.

Additionally, many AirBnBs come with kitchenettes, which can save you money on meals if you’re planning on cooking some of your own food. Prices for AirBnBs in Naples Florida range from $50-$250 per night, depending on the size and location of the rental.

This is the Naples Florida short term rentals option that will have the most variety because of the various types of properties owned by people willing to rent them out.


If you’re looking for a more traditional housing option, then staying in a hotel is probably your best bet. Naples has a wide variety of hotels available, from budget-friendly options like the Quality Inn & Suites to luxury resorts like the Ritz Carlton. Most hotels offer amenities like swimming pools, on-site restaurants, and fitness centers, as well as room service and daily housekeeping.

Prices for hotels in Naples Florida range from $50-$700 per night, depending on the hotel’s amenities, location, and if you’re visiting during the quiet or busy season.

Other Short-Term Rentals:

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then there are a few other short-term rental options available in Naples. You can rent an RV or campervan from companies like Camp USA, or stay in a unique rental like a treehouse or yurt.

Prices for these rentals vary depending on the company and the type of rental, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$250 per night.

No matter what your budget or housing needs, there’s sure to be a short-term rental option in Naples Florida that’s perfect for you. From hostels and hotels to AirBnBs and RVs, there’s something for everyone. So, start your search today and find the perfect place to call home during your stay in Naples Florida.

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